Love it Love it Love it!

My mum sent me some e$ for my birthday. I spent every single $ she sent me, and I got exactly what I wanted. No olives. No jams. Unreal!

Jesse Wilson

How Unique

My friend sent me to your site after sending me a gift of e$. OMG - I've never seen a site like this before. I actually called to make sure everything was legit. Received my gift - awesome.

Kerry Adams

Good Job

I was given some e$ for doing a favour for a close friend. I spent them online, got the gifts the next day. Brilliant. I've since been back online and sent some e$ to my mum for her birthday. She loved it too!

Clint Allan

Classy Site - Quality Products

I received some e$ and thought it was some kind of a gimmick. That was until I went shopping on the site. I chose a beautiful Glamour Hand Bag and my favourite treat... Honeycomb! It arrived the next day, packaged beautifully in a gift box, and the products were top quality. There were even some bonus chocolates included too. Nice, and very unusual, to see a company going above and beyond. Well done.

Yvonne Daniel

Pet Stuff

My boyfriend sent me some e$ for our dog's birthday. When I came online and saw your products I loved them. The dog got some stuff and I did too? You guys should be proud - this is a great site!

Sharon Kirkwood

It really is true

I'm Clint's mum and what he said is true... he did send me some e$ and I spent every one of them and chose the most beautiful gifts for my birthday. I took my time and had so much fun. He's a good, caring boy.

Maureen Allan


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